About Miami


Close your eyes and think of Miami.

Whether you’re a native or you’ve never been, a few short seconds of reflection is enough to evoke a vivid image – one filled with natural beauty as far as the eye can see and bright architecture that both celebrates yesterday and defines tomorrow. Vibrant art from street corners to museums, music to move your feet, and food to make your mouth water.

But those aren’t the main reasons we chose Miami for the 2015 Independent Sector National Conference.

We chose Miami because it’s a city of the future. A multicultural hub of artistic and innovative thinking. A nexus of the opportunities and challenges facing our increasingly interconnected world. An incubator for the solutions we will need to thrive as the demographics of our country and world evolve.

It’s also a welcoming meeting ground for the wide range of ideas that are shaping the charitable sector in communities across the southern United States and beyond.

Oh, and the weather’s pretty nice, too. Don’t get left behind. Embark with us this October.