Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Anal Vibrators

Vibrators are predominantly used by women. But there are some vibrators that can be used by men too and these are called anal vibrators. Interestingly, such vibrators can be enjoyed by women too who are looking for some backdoor fun! Are you too looking for some anal playtime of late? Well, then, you should swear by anal vibrators for that dream stimulation from the back. Now, the anal toy market is flooded with vibrators but not all would be equally great for you. To make things easier, the post below extends the best tips to choose the most compatible anal vibrator for backdoor pleasure. The kind of vibrator that makes you addicted to anal play.

Slim and small

You will find anal vibrators or butt plugs in different sizes. But if you are a beginner, it’s best to go for a slim and small option. Look for a plug with slim tapered end and pointed tip that ensure more comfortable and smooth insertion. Your chosen vibrator should have a broad base to assure the toy safely stays in place when inserted into the body. These are the common vibrators among online dating.

Do you want prostate stimulation?

A lot of men wish for anal vibrator for prostate stimulation? Do you want it for the same? Or is it that your partner wants it? Well, in both the cases, one should look for an anal vibrator that’s especially designed for stimulating the prostate. The prostate stimulators are strategically designed with curved head to reach the prostate effectively. This way, once you insert the toy inside, you don’t have to find the prostate gland by hand. The curved tip also helps with better blood circulation and stronger arousal.

Be careful of the material

You will find anal vibrators in different materials including plastic, metal, jelly, rubber and silicone. When you are looking for the safest option, silicone is the thing for you.  The particular material is non-porous, hypoallergenic and highly durable. Moreover, silicone vibrators are extremely sleek and smooth which amps up the overall sensation further. But then, silicone anal toys are slightly more expensive than vibrators made from other materials. On a second thought, your anal vibrator is an investment. Try to be judicious enough to invest in a safer material.

Battery-powered or rechargeable

You will find these anal toys in both battery-powered and rechargeable versions. If you go for a battery powered one, you will need to have a full stock of batteries always. But if you go for the other one, you will just need to recharge it when you want to use it. However, if you are often on move and if your tours usually take you to remote places- a battery powered one will be handy.

Buy from an adult toy store

This is a very basic tip for any sex toy you buy, including your anal vibrator. These days even generic online retailers seem to sell anal toys. But please stay away from them. Most of the times, the vibrators sold by general retail stores are fake. Thus, the best thing to do here is to get your vibrator from a proper adult toy store.

Last but not the least, you must always check the reviews and ratings of a store before buying an anal vibrator. Just type “best anal vibrator” online and you will find several links bustling with expert reviews and ratings on various brands and models around. Go for a time-tested model from a reputed brand. You should also check what the customers had to say about the product. It’s better not to opt for the newly released ones as they would hardly have any reviews for an easy comparison study.