Took off Male Chastity: The Woman’s Guide to a Blissful Relationship

Girlfriends of mine have long been envious of my wonderful husband, Ron. Never have they seen such a well-mannered, sensitive and caring man. What they don’t realize is that their own boyfriends or husbands could be turned into the same. I’ve written this primer on male chastity to give all you ladies out there the opportunity to turn your toad into the prince you’ve been dreaming about.

Step 1: Purchase

This is often the most difficult step. Your goal is to convince your man to purchase and wear a chastity device. Explain to him that doing so would make your relationship stronger, happier, more fun, and intimate. It’s not that you don’t trust him, but you’d feel very special being the one and only one that has control of his sex. Reassure him that by making you his key holder, he’s taking a step towards long term happiness for you both. The Internet is the best source for chastity devices. Seek one out online and order it together.

Step 2: The Arrival

Ensure the device contains all pieces (refer to accompanying instructions). Practice locking and unlocking the device until you’re comfortable doing so. Have your man affix the chastity device to his genitals in the manner prescribed. If it’s placed on correctly, the device should be comfortable, allow for urination, yet restrict his erections and not allow him any direct contact with his penis.

Step 3: The Locking

Ask that he allow you to lock the chastity device in place. Most devices are locked with a simple padlock. Simply affix it as directed in the instructions and snap it shut.

Congratulations! With the closing of the lock, your relationship has taken a great leap.

Step 4: Changes

Having a chastity device locked around his genitals usually means some simple physical changes for your man. First, he’ll likely have to sit while urinating. Secondly, he’ll have to get used to sleeping on his back or sides as sleeping on his stomach may be uncomfortable. Neither of these are very severe and he should be adapted within days.

Step 5: Accepting Your New Role

By holding the keys to your man’s chastity device, you now have the power to ensure he remains loving, loyal, and respectful to you always.

Women throughout history have long known that most men are driven almost entirely by their penises. Because of this fact, men can be very charming, caring, and considerate to a woman in order to gain her assistance in achieving an orgasm. Once the orgasm has occurred, however, men tend to put those wonderful qualities on the backburner until the urge for sexual relief comes back. What’s more, if you refuse to assist him in achieving that relief, he’ll resort to masturbating and take care of the problem on his own.

Do you see the power of those keys now? As long as you hold them, your man’s days of masturbating are over. Furthermore, you now have the power to limit his orgasms, providing them sparingly, only when he has earned the privilege by pleasing you. You’ve become the sole proprietor of his manhood and, as such, have paved the way to making him the man you’ve always wanted.

When he looks at you now, he not only sees his girlfriend or wife, but also the only person capable of providing him with sexual relief. You, the woman, have complete control of your man’s sex – this is the way it should be. In no time flat, you’ll find him getting very huggy and kissy, buying you gifts, and offering to take you to dinner or give you a long and wonderful massage after a long day at work. Sound nice? It is.

Step 6: Establishing the Rules

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on a schedule for his relief. For men new to chastity, I recommend you begin with a weekly schedule. This doesn’t mean that once a week, every week, he’ll be let out of the chastity device for some action. It means that if, during that week, he’s made you happy, he’ll be given a release. If not, his wait will be extended for a period that you determine. Very quickly, he’ll learn that if you’re unhappy with him, a lack of sexual release for him will be the consequence. What’s more, as he’s only given the opportunity to have one orgasm per week at best, he’ll appreciate them so much more. Soon he’ll understand the importance of always making you happy and equate your happiness with his own.

Another important rule you’ll want to establish is that he will no longer be allowed to play with himself – at all. You and only you will have the power to fondle, caress, or stroke his manhood. In doing so, you reinforce your autonomy as the sole provider of his sexual pleasure. If he wishes to be let out of the device for any reason, allow it, with the stipulation that his hands be tied behind him with a scarf, rope, or pair of handcuffs.

When the time comes for his release, allow it in a manner you choose. If that means a passionate bout of love making, so be it. If it means you giving him oral sex or a hand job, those work too. Once he’s had his orgasm, place him back in the device immediately.

Step 7: The Chores

Be assertive in having him help with the housework. Very soon it could be you laying on the couch and watching TV while he does the dishes as opposed to the all to common reversal of those activities.

This isn’t a license to abuse your power. By all means, you should also share in those chores. However, you’ll likely find that he’ll be offering, on his own accord, to do just about all of them.

Step 8: Your Sexual Pleasure

Just because he’s prevented from achieving sexual relief doesn’t mean that you are! This it he perfect opportunity for him to perfect his tongue technique. Multiple times daily if you wish it! He’ll be very happy to do so as keeping you happy sexually will not only feel like an accomplishment for him, but also serve to ensure his own sexual relief when the time comes.

Last but not least, have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to put on the goddess routine. Make him ask politely to be allowed to give you oral sex, or a massage, or that foot rub. Tease him. The voracious sexual energy you’ll generate in him by doing so can be channeled into pleasing you. Use your imagination.

Soon, you’ll grow to adore keeping your man in a chastity device and wonder why you didn’t do it right from day one. Your man will grow to adore you like he’s never adored any woman before.