The Ultimate Male Chastity Guide For Female Led Relationships

I’m an honest believer that chastity can do wonders for a marriage.

If more couples practiced male chastity, things would be so much more exciting in the bedroom.

That’s why I decided to make this male chastity guide for readers.

Let’s talk about how to set this up in your female led marriage and get kinky in the bedroom!

Select A Proper Male Chastity Cage

Chastity can be a long term commitment or for short-term play. It really depends on what you want. As a result, selecting the perfect cage can enhance the experience.

Obviously size is a really important consideration when it comes to chastity. You don’t want a cage that is too loose.

And you don’t want a cage that is too tight that it cuts off circulation!

Also, we like cages that have a big peehole so going to the bathroom is easier. Finally, the cage must be high quality and durable.

And of course, the chastity cage should be comfortable when flaccid. Any pinching sensation is a big no-no.

Establish Trust And Communication

Introducing chastity in a female led relationship is a really big deal. It requires a lot of trust between both partners.

Don’t be afraid to describe what you want. Always communicate your desires and limits.

People are not mind readers. It’s always better to describe exactly what you want.

A lot of guys love “forced male chastity“, but it really doesn’t exist outside a fantasy. Just like a blackmail fetish, forced chastity is (and should) always be consensual.

Being locked up in chastity is a big change in lifestyle. You might have some problems using the bathroom. You won’t be able to jerk your dick freely anymore.

That’s why it’s important to establish trust and talk about it throughout the process.

If your balls start hurting after being locked up for so long speak up. Don’t try to carry out the fantasy for the sake of the fantasy itself.

Communication is key for any chastity relationship.

Make The Rules Clear And Concise
Some female led relationships like to create a male chastity contract.

While these may not be legally binding contracts, they are very fun to write up and document. Plus, it’s very emasculating to literally sign away your cock and balls!

Along the lines of trust and communication, setting clear rules will really improve any chastity relationship.

Set rules on how long the lockup is (especially if you’re beginners). Is the lockup set at one day…a week…or a month?

If there is no set date for release, how will he earn his freedom? Maybe he has to complete a certain number of chores around the house or give you 10 orgasms 🙂

When is he allowed to take off the cage? During the shower? What if he has to go to the airport?

Will he be allowed periods to jerk off during the lockup?

I’m sure we’re missing a few rules, but you probably get the gist. Set the rules to make them clear. Any infraction should result in swift punishment!

Set Goals And Limits

Chastity is a marathon, not a race. Many couples want the “forced chastity experience.” However, they forget that chastity can be a big change in your daily life.

Don’t try to go for the one-year lock up right away. We haven’t been able to accomplish it and we’ve been doing this for years!

Setting chastity goals is really fun. Maybe you want to work your way up to one month long lockups (so hard!).

Try doing one week. If that works out, add another week…and then another! Eventually you’ll get to your goal.

Get Proper Toys

Mixing other naughty sex toys with chastity play is a lot of fun.

We love using vibrating dildos, butt plugs, and so much more. Chastity is the perfect time to get these toys out and play some grueling tease and denial games.

These toys will really enhance the chastity experience!

Exert Dominance

Chastity is all about exerting dominance and control over a man. It’s so sexy to be able to control everything.

Once he’s locked up in chastity he’ll be so docile and obedient. The change is pretty much immediate.

It’s funny to observe how men become so much weaker in chastity. They start paying attention to you more. They will help with any chore. It becomes a never ending game of pleasing you!

Exert dominance by ordering him to do whatever you want. Need the dishes to be washed? Need dry cleaning to be picked up? Send him to do it.

Need a foot massage? Order him on his knees with a snap of your fingers.

This is the perfect time to implement some male chastity training and reprogram your husband/boyfriend into the perfect slave!

Need some help being more dominant in the bedroom? Check out this post and get started 🙂

Chastity Games Are Fun

One of the best ways to fulfill the chastity experience is to play lots of games. We’ve written a lot on how to pick femdom games.

These games are really fun. It really takes “game night” to another naughty level.

Here are a few you can try:

The chastity blowjob: Does your husband/slave always ask for a damn blowjob? It gets so annoying right? Well, next time he’s in chastity give him the blowjob of his life. He will barely be able to feel anything!

Orgasm counter: Your orgasms are the only ones that count! Tie the number of orgasms you get to his freedom. It goes something like this: for every orgasm he gives you, he will get 10 strokes to cum. He will be working overtime to please you to endless orgasms 🙂

Chastity fucking: Who ever said you can’t fuck in a chastity cage? You can! He just won’t be able to enjoy it! Some chastity cages have very nice holes on the side or on top of the cock cage. This allows the skin to stick out when fully hard…which means he will be able to feel very slight sensations when you fuck him.

Final Thoughts On Male Chastity

Being a chastity keyholder is the most fun any woman can have. Once you experience chastity in your marriage there’s no going back. It’s just way to much fun.

We hope you enjoyed our woman’s guide to male chastity. Now get out there and lock him up!