The Forbidden Truth About Priests Using Chastity Devices

Male chastity is not an ordinary phrase, in the context of the fact that society treats the sexual adventures of men more tolerantly than women. What to do – this is nature. Men’s belt of fidelity in BDSM is designed to limit sexual contact, but often they bring to the one who wears them, not so much negative feelings as positive ones. In addition, the modern versions of this device are very technological and beautiful, which makes it a good subject of sexual fetish. The product is widely used not only in BDSM games, but also among vanilla couples who want to experiment with sexual abstinence or cuckold games.

How to offer a belt of allegiance to her husband

This is the most difficult path for a woman if your man is deprived of such sexual fantasy. A woman should try to convince her man to buy and wear a chastity belt, explaining to him that the feelings will become stronger, the relationship – brighter, happier, more playful and close. Try to tell you that it’s not a matter of distrust, but you would feel incredibly special, being the only one who has control over his genitals. Reassure him that by making you the keeper of your chastity belt keys, he is taking steps toward long-term joint happiness.

In the end, just persuade him to at least try. The Internet is the best option for finding and buying a device, looks for what both of you will like and place an order and don’t get surprised if you find male chastity devices for priests. Do remember this is not a modern invention, this is a age old device used to control men’s needs.

The effect of the use of male chastity belt

Positive emotions when a man uses the chastity belt is that he is sexually excited, but cannot satisfy his desire with the help of masturbation or sexual intercourse and, as it were, accumulate his sexual energy, deriving from this kind of pleasure. In addition, when a man begins an erection, the member, resting on the limiters of the device, is in a state of artificial stimulation. Of course, this brings additional pleasure and excitement.

From the point of view of physiology, the process of involuntary abstinence causes the man to have a much more intense and bright orgasm during subsequent sexual intercourse.

For fans of such games, the solemn process of preparing for putting on and the process of putting on a chastity belt on a man by his Mistress brings pleasure. And what a pleasure the slave feels when he is released!

The use of the device may occur in the form of sexual torture, when the partner constantly brings the man to a pre-orgasmic state and suddenly stops stimulating the genitals. In this case, it is better to tie a man, because prolonged abstinence can lead to orgasm when stimulating the not completely erect penis – i.e. man cannot restrain himself and bring the case to the end, while the woman does not want this.

Psychological aspects of games with male chastity are in the awareness of the lower additional control by the Mrs., including sexual freedom; this reinforces the effect of the state of subordination. In the vanilla couple, this may be a feeling of loyalty to the partner, a feeling of remaining faithful, despite the temptations.

Belt of fidelity and cuckold

A cuckold is a man who, as it were, refuses to have sex with his woman in favor of another partner. At the same time, he knows about it and, moreover, he likes it – he even encourages or provokes his partner to change, often becoming a witness to such relationships on the side, or she gives him a written report, as well as photos and videos about his games another partner. In this case, the partner often dominates their relationship, plays the role of the Lady. With such games, often the husband of the cuckold puts on a chastity belt, thus emphasizing his dependence on the desires of the Lady and giving it to another partner.

This sexual practice originated in Japan, where the husband had the right to lead an unfaithful wife to another man and to be present when sexual intercourse was performed on her. Received widespread during the Second World War, when some husbands asked their women to make lovers, and then in letters to describe their erotic adventures. This sexual game in its present form assumes that a male Cuckold can wear a chastity belt 24/7 at all times.

History of origin and development

There has been much discussion over the origins of the chastity belt. It has often been said that it first appeared in the Middle Ages.  This Atlas Obscura article, however, says that recent studies into the matter reveal that the idea of a chastity belt first came up much later in the 17th or 18th century. In general, the belt for a man appeared much later than the female one. The first mention of the male version dates back to the end of the 19th century. What is interesting, in contrast to the female version – a means of limiting the sexual contacts of the wife, the chastity belt was not intended for the husband. It was used as a means to prevent masturbation in boys. Then it was believed that masturbation is a disease that causes various body disorders and even dementia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the toy was automated – a new design allowed a current to be discharged across the member if it was erected. During the 20th century, against the background of the general humanization of human relations, their use and application came to naught. But by the age of 90, in connection with the development of the sex industry and increasing the level of sexual freedom and education, the device received what is called “second wind”. The modern sex industry of various countries produces at least 100 models of various men’s belts of fidelity of different functionality.

Types of chastity belts for men

With reference towards’s collection in its website, men’s belts of fidelity have a fairly diverse design. It can be a system of rings of their metal or skin, which is worn on the penis and making it difficult to contact with it. The product can look like a metal nipple for a member, fixing it in the “half-sixth” position, and fastening on the scrotum with a device resembling handcuffs. It can be made in the form of a plastic transparent container, having the form of a non-erect member, and attached to the scrotum using a special device. As a chastity belt for men, a leather pouch or a metal ball can be used, where the genitals are packed in a relaxed state, and which prevent erections when a member is excited.

Compact or mini

Modern male chastity belt is a compact device that is put on the penis, is fixed on the scrotum and prevents the commission of sexual intercourse and masturbation. Therefore, a man is forced to unwittingly control his desires. And about sex or masturbation, you only have to think, doing stimulation of erogenous zones. In addition, the size of the device is such that complete erection and straightening of the penis are impossible, and moreover, can be painful. In this case, the man is forced to keep his thoughts under control – in general, not to do anything that leads to an erection.

The most widely used compact devices made of plastic, steel, silicone, which can only be called a belt conditionally by analogy of purpose, rather, it is a cell for the male penis with fastening on the testicles. They are selected taking into account the size of the penis at rest with the tolerance for a slight increase, it is also necessary to take into account the size of the testicles of a man, for which a ring with a lock is attached. They are closed with a usual padlock with a key or a special disposable plastic clamp with an individual number.