I’ve collected these links from a wide variety of sources including forums, directory sites, blogs wish lists (a particularly rich vein to mine). One thing I haven’t done is personally shopped at all of them. This list represents a starting point, not any kind of personal endorsement from me.

If you own a site or know of a site that you’d like me to include then drop me a line. However, note that there are a couple of criteria for inclusion. I’ve already listed a number of large general purpose BDSM equipment sites, so don’t bother if you’re just another cookie cutter BDSM shopping site. Nobody needs 20 places to buy a red ballgag at exactly the same price. Also ensure that your site doesn’t look like it was designed in the early 90’s. It doesn’t have to be at the cutting edge of web technology, but I tend to the view that a crappy website indicates a badly run business.

The default assumption is that sites are US based, and where that isn’t true I’ve called it out explicitly. Obviously a lot of places will ship internationally, so location needn’t be a limiting factor in a lot of cases.

Large Sites

General toys and equipment



  • ErosTek – Maker of the ET312P, one of the best power units on the market.
  • Mystim – German based with a not particularly readable English site.
  • P.E.S.


  • Birdlocked – A silicone chastity device.
  • CB-6000 – Probably the best known chastity device on the market.
  • Kept For Her – Offers equipment, testimonials and comparative shopping charts.
  • Male Chastity Devices – Offer a large selection of different chastity devices.
  • Mature Metal – Sells several different steel options including the Jail Bird.
  • Neo Steel – Their web site is awful, but I’m assured they make a quality product


Clothes and Fashion