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Ever heard of the cliche, content is king? It’s true. People need high-quality content for their businesses to help drive traffic, convert visitors into subscribers or buyers, grow their reach, and establish their authority. As a blogger, you know what quality content looks like, and you’re probably already good at writing it.

You know the importance of using SEO correctly instead of stuffing a million keywords into a rambled run-on sentence. Formatting for the web is something you already do. You know about headers, breaking up long sections of content, and using short paragraphs to keep readers reading.

If you enjoy the writing side of blogging, definitely give freelance writing a try. While ten cents a word is a reasonable rate to aim for, people are earning much more than that. We are willing to pay for quality content, mainly if you specialize in what you do. Specialized writers deserve even more than general ones since they know the ins and outs of a particular industry or format of writing.

As a writer you can create:

• Blog posts
• Article starters
• Content driving traffic to affiliate material
• Persuasive copy for websites, newsletters, or social media
• Product descriptions
• Product reviews
• Coupon and deal matchups
• White papers
• Content for freebie, courses, and other digital products
• eBooks
• Content for traditional advertisements (flyers, brochures, etc.)

For interested applicants, please email