Girl Dom: Women’s Thoughts About Chastity Cages

In essence, cock cages and other male chastity devices serve to lock men’s genitals and restrict erection. They’re common in BDSM circles and relationships, and they can make even the least horny men into beasts hungry for sex. But it’s not just about men. This lifestyle is great if you and your partner are into femdom and torture. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s see what girl Doms have to say about them.

It Teaches Men a Lesson

There’s no better way of teaching males about female supremacy than by using chastity belts that restrict their penises and balls. Locking your hubby up immediately makes him your love slave, serving you and only you. This type of play can lead to countless naughty scenarios that reverse traditional gender roles.

For instance, while he’s locked up, you can use a dildo in front of him, watching porn as he helplessly tries to close his eyes. Another fine example of teaching him a lesson is by making him go on all fours while wearing a stainless-steel cock cage. It’s the best way to make him feel uncomfortable and worthless in his male skin.

On the other hand, there’s always a lack of masturbation for him. This can build up sexual frustration, making him beg you to unlock his cage. Don’t think that’s fun? Well, just imagine him trying to reach the skin of his wiener between the bars.

Provokes Relationship Tension Sometimes

Thoughts about male cages vary from one gender to another. While dominant women love them for all sorts of reasons, not all of their submissive males might enjoy them as much. But how so? Well, it’s simple. They think it’s self-centered. In other words, cock cages are, in their eyes, only for female fun as they can’t get an erection.

This type of disagreement often leads to tension. While males are frustrated sexually, their Doms enjoy their bodies in any way they want. This can, in turn, cause numerous problems inside a relationship. Therefore, the decision to enjoy this type of role-playing and sex toy should never be one-sided. It should work like any other form of intimacy.

Pleasures Can Be More Rewarding

Since a cock cage prevents the wearer from getting an erection and satisfying their sexual needs, men are left with only one option — to turn their attention towards their dominant partners. In other words, this means that women get to enjoy more orgasms. Yup, their needs become the focal point of any sexual interaction.

Unfortunately, we all know that most men are only looking to come themselves while in bed, leaving their partners dry. But this becomes a thing of the past with chastity devices. Either by giving oral, fingering, or allowing their Doms to peg them, men become sex dolls. This is quite rewarding for the female, as all her needs become priorities practically overnight.

Women Could Crave More Sex

Due to no erection, there won’t be any traditional heterosexual intercourse. This means no penetration — both anal and vaginal. For some, this sounds like an awful idea. And we don’t blame them. Most of us think about sex as a cock and a pair of balls plowing through a vagina or anus. However, there’s more to sex than that.

Partners who enjoy a chastity relationship can turn towards other sex toys. From vibrators to dildos, they can choose all sorts of new and kinky gadgets to replace male genitals. All these adult products can parallel an average penis, if not supersede it. Therefore, no girl should worry whether her needs will be met. They will, and in some style.

Women Get More Attention From Them

Another benefit of keeping your hubby locked up is that they will start paying more attention to you. And not just in a sexual way. Since you’re the one with the keys that can set their patriarchal instrument loose, they will tend to your every need. From massaging your feet and doing the laundry to cooking and going shopping, they’ll do anything for you.

One can look at this as some sort of trade-off. If they’re good at doing the chores and attending to your needs, you can promise them to unlock them for a few hours or even a day. But only if they agree to get their cock in the cell again afterward. Of course, if you enjoy being a truly mean Dom, well, you can always break your promise.

Women Can Help Men Arouse Better

Lastly, let’s talk about the most important lesson a man can learn from wearing a cock cage on his genitals. As previously mentioned, this is a chastity device, and it keeps males from using their penises for sex. This further leads to them turning all their attention towards their female partner’s needs and desires. From giving oral or fingering to receiving a dildo in their butt through pegging, it’s all about the girls.

As such, they can, over time, learn more about the female body and how to bring about the absolute maximum pleasure from it. And let’s be frank here — most guys don’t even know how to make a girl come. Hence, with a cock cage on and their full focus on her, males will reach new grounds of how to satisfy females. They’ll understand how to touch or lick a clit, where the G-spot is, and how useful nipple stimulation and other erogenous zones are.