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Today, we’re going to delve into the joys and torments of male chastity devices – aka chastity cages or cock/penis cages.

We’ll cover everything you need to know – and the steps will go in the order as if you’re new to the kink and might want to buy one.

What a is chastity cage
Why people wear them
Understanding SSSC rules
How to measure and fit
Different designs
What materials are safe
How to find a reliable seller
Getting into your belt
Hygiene and care
What to do in your cage


It’s a device worn around shaft and head of the penis – usually held in place by a testicle ring or a waist harness. Once on, the device is locked, and any form of erection become uncomfortable or impossible.


Most of the time, these toys are used in BDSM play – with some kind of power exchange taking place. In this case, the wearer (or submissive) is giving up their power to whoever is holding the key and making the decisions (the Dominant).

Reasons for being locked up can include:


One of the biggest influences with these kinds of toys is the tease and denial aspect. This tension increases exponentially knowing that there’s literally nothing you can do about it. You’re forced to savor the moment rather than racing to orgasm like most of us do.

A vanilla example would be sexting. You send a naughty message while you’re both at work and all you can do is smile, bite your lip, and wait to get home. A chastity cage is a physical object that does the same job (only stricter).


Since you can’t have intercourse or masturbate while wearing a cage, taking it off and being allowed to experience pleasure, can make the following sex and orgasms far more intense (especially if your Dom/partner makes you wear one for a while).


Whether from humiliation, withdraw, or the feeling of doing something “naughty” or “taboo” (or the many other reasons), wearing one can sometimes increase arousal and all-around sex drive. Or, it can be as simple as wanting to try something new to spice or shake things up.


In BDSM dynamics, punishment, rewards, and withholding are a part of submissive training – training meant to encourage good behavior and discourage bad actions.


An extension of the D/s relationship and chastity play is having a physical device that represents the ownership and the control the Dominant has over their sub (their body and/or sexual pleasure) – in other words, “Your dick is mine and I’m locking it up.”


With any level of BDSM shenanigans, it’s important for both Doms and subs to play in a Safe, Sane, Sober, and Consensual way.

This includes using a Safe Word if you feel like there is something wrong. After, all it’s the Doms responsibility to ensure a fun, pleasurable, and/or growing experience in a safe environment.

EXAMPLE: You have to wear your device for a week and your Dom is out of town. There’s painful swelling (=physical danger) or a situation where being caught wearing the cage could result in real-life consequences (=emotional/life danger). A simple texting of your safe word with the reason should be enough for any Dom to grant immediate freedom from your device.


The goal for a perfectly fitting cage is…

(A) THE RING SECTION should fit around your scrotum and penis base snug enough that it won’t slip off – that’s it. You’re NOT aiming for cock and ball torture – this is chastity play. Too loose and it won’t stay on. Too tight and you could run into circulation problems.

(B) THE PENIS LENGTH should accommodate your penis enough that the tip JUST presses on the end of the cage (with no compression). Too short, and it will cause unnecessary discomfort. Too long and you have room to get an erection (and any night time wood might be painful) Also, urination will be a disaster.

(C) THE PENIS DIAMETER should house your (flaccid) penis comfortably. Too tight, and any movement will cause the skin to bunch or bulge out of any open spaces, causing chafing and discomfort. Too loose, and you’ll have room to get an erection.

How to measure you cock for a chastity cage

In short, you’re aiming for the GOLDIE LOCKS ZONE – not too tight and not too lose.


Fair warning, this is the most difficult number to get, and it will take the most time and effort.

Also, it will be tempting to skip this part, get something “close enough”, and jump straight to chastity play. But I strongly advise you NOT to do that. Even if you’re going for something casual, an ill-fitting cage (even by a little) will result in discomfort

FIRST – Use a soft measuring tape to measure around your scrotum and penis. Use this number (let’s call it “IM” – initial measurement) as a rough guide for the next step…

NOTE: DO THIS WHILE YOU’RE 100% FLACCID – Gentlemen, you know how the slightest touch or even looking at your dick can get you hard. So, if you feel things growing, make sure you take breaks and get back to completely soft.

SECOND – You have two choices – buying a cheap cock ring set online OR buying metal rings from the hardware store.

If you go for the cock rings, make sure your IM is found in the set somewhere (preferably in the middle). If you’re going to the hardware store, get a ring that’s closest to your IM and then buy two or three rings bigger and smaller in ¼ inch (6mm) increments.

THIRD – Get your IM ring and put it around your (flaccid) penis and scrotum (read “Getting into Your Cage” section below to learn how).

FOURTH – Try to stick your finger between the ring and your penis. If it’s a tight fight, you’re good to go to the next step. If you can’t fit it in, move up one size. If there’s too much room, go down one size. Do this until you find a good one.

FIFTH – Once you have your candidate, put it on and leave it on. Walk around the house, go to work, wear it to bed, wear it in the shower, try it in hot or cold temperatures. Do this for a few days and adjust to smaller or bigger sizes if necessary.

The goal is to be able to wear this ring for several days without any discomfort. If you can do this, you have a winner.

NOTE: Some men might find that the can’t fit between Ring A and Ring B, even with ¼ inch differences. If that’s the case, you’re in between and would need to adjust to 1/8 of an inch difference. Some cock cage makers will happily do this. The mass-produced ones will be harder.


This one is still tricky but WAY easier than getting your ring number.

All you need is a ruler.

Measuring under the penis, rest the tip of the ruler against the scrotum. DON’T PRESS, just let it touch. Take the number where the tip of your penis ends.

However, there are some things to keep in mind…

Like before, you must be 100% flaccid – not the start of an erection and not in turtle mode when you’re cold

Men want to show off how big their dicks are. Because of this, many gents try to get a bigger number, resulting in a bad fitting cage

Take several measurements at different times of the day. You’ll eventually find your average number

When in doubt, go shorter! (like ¼ or ½ an inch / 0.6 – 1.3cm)


Although this is the “least vital” of your three numbers, it’s still a good idea to get something that fits. Because too big or too small also has problems (that we’ve already touched on).

FIRST – Place your flaccid penis on the ruler and measure the diameter (how wide).

SECOND – Subtract about ½ an inch (or 1.3cm) to make sure it’s “snug”.

NOTE: If you want an approximate circumference measurement, multiply the diameter by 3.14 (pi). After, measure around your penis with a soft measuring tape and compare the numbers to get an average.


Not all cages are created equal. There are, in fact, several designs to meet various needs or levels of play. Unfortunately, there aren’t any definitive names (each brand or company makes their own), but I’ll do my best to describe them (and include pictures).

CB 6000 plastic cock cageTHE “CB 6000” – This is the “white brand” /generic name for a common design, but you’ll find other titles for it as well.

It consists of a ring that goes around the testicles, a molded shaft and head section for the penis to go into, and a slit at the end to allow for urination.

Some designs have a single curved tube instead of an end section that’s shaped like the head of a penis. A few have cages rather than slits at the end (makes it easier to pee). There are also some gentler models that allow for the tip to be completely removed.

Metal bar cock cage with lockMETAL BARS – There are three ways to do this –rings running around the penis, bars running along the penis (sometimes called Birdcage), or a combination which creates a square or web-like pattern.

Another distinction between cages is how much skin they show and how much you can feel while wearing them.

OPEN-ENDED – the end comes off and leaves the head exposed, allowing stimulation

CAGED – (metal bars) great ventilation while restricting most stimulation

PARTIALLY CLOSED – (CB 6000) mostly closed, nearly no stimulation

COMPLETELY CLOSED – doesn’t allow any form of stimulation (or ventilation) needs to be taken off for urination.

Closed cock cage, cage, open-ended, and partially closed cage

completely closed, cage, open-ended, partially closed

FYI: There are also extra short-shaft or long-length designs for the gents that need it.


The materials you should be aiming for are medical grade stainless steel, titanium, polycarbonate plastic, or 100% silicone.

Plastic is common and lightweight and, if there’s an emergency, the connecting pin can be cut with simple wire cutters.

Silicone is more beginner friendly and warms up faster. If there are any problems, all you need are a pair of scissors.

Metal provides extra weight (which some men like because it reminds them they’re wearing them). However, there is the safety aspect of metal being harder to get out of in emergencies. Not to mention you’re going to BEEP if you go through metal detectors.

NOTE: Although leather is gorgeous, it’s hard to clean, impossible to sterilize, and, therefore, best avoided. Also, stay away from TPE/TPR rubber (highly porous) and novelty cages made from jelly (which are toxic).


Plastic cock cageKIND OF PLAY – Are you going to wear it for some fun during the weekend or is it long term?

The longer you plan on wearing it, the better ventilation it needs (aka more skin showing through but still restricting stimulation). So, a partially closed model would be better for long-term wear rather than a completely closed design.

THE CURVE – Some have a more pronounces curve than others, but all should be downwards. How much depends on your personal preference – and if you need something discreet to wear in public.

DISCREETNESS – Yep, you can wear these outside the bedroom/house. Make sure there are no extra bells or whistles that will show through your trousers (like enormous locks).

Automatic padlock with countdown timerLOCKS – There are built-in locks, padlocks, security screws, and disposable locks. Depending on the cage, you might not have a choice as to which lock you use. But no matter what, make sure you know how to get out of it in case of emergencies.

RINGS SECTION – There are two kinds – hinged and solid. Hinged cages are easier because you just open them, put it behind our balls, and close. Solids are more difficult because there is no room for error.

EXTRAS – Speaking of bells and whistles, did you know that some models come with a urethrae sound (aka a metal rod or silicone tube that goes up the dick – if that’s your thing).

CUT VS NATURAL – In most cases, circumcised or uncircumcised doesn’t matter. There are some uncut men who find the “CB 6000” models uncomfortable or chafing because their skin protrudes through the urination hole.


Steam punk cock cageThe best sellers will offer custom cages based on your personal measurements. However, if you’re new to things, you don’t want to drop a bunch of money on something that might not fit.

The best option is to get something cheap, try it for a while, adjust or buy a different one if necessary, and THEN get a nicer one when you’re more confident.

There are many shops out there, but these are a good place to start…

Lovehoney and House of Denial have a few models at a reasonable price and an okay return policy (I think, but you might want to check).

Extreme Restraints, The Stock Room, and the Sub Shop have a bigger selection but higher price tag.

And, when/if you want to go high-end and custom, check out Fancy Steel or Steel Werks.

Forget Amazon, AliExpress, or other such distributors. They’re a preverbal death trap for most things sex toy related – either from poor craftsmanship or dangerous materials.

NOTE: There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all”



A. If you got a hinged ring, it’s as simple as opening it, fitting it around the back of your scrotum, over your penis, and then shutting it.

B. If you bought a solid ring, it’s a different process. First gently pinch a bit of scrotal skin at the bottom, pull it through the loop, and then push through the first testicle. Next, feed the next testicle through.

C. Bend the penis down and put it through the tube section.

HINT: Some men like to use a bit of lube around the glands to help things go in easier. Water-based is best because it will dry after.

Learn more important facts and tips lube…

The Best Lubes – A Comprehensive Guide on the Slick Stuff


A. Put the ring on as normal.

B. Take a pair of knee-length stocking and cut the ends off one. Feed the stocking through the cage so part of it is sticking out both ends. Put your penis in the stocking and close the cage. Slowly pull the stocking through the other end. Your penis should be pulled along with it.

Once you’re in, plan on wearing it for at least a few days in order to become comfortable with the toy (and possibly decide you need to buy a different one).


Before you decide to get into this kink, know that hygiene is paramount, and it requires daily maintenance – no ifs, ands, or buts. This is to avoid excess odor, bathroom residue, and infections.


Blue plastic cock cage with lockIf you’re only going to be wearing it for a few hours or a day, make sure you thoroughly clean the cage (and yourself) after play with warm water and soap. Dry it well and store it properly in a bag or box etc.

If you and your partner are planning on getting into long-term chastity play, you’ll have to learn how to tend to your daily washing (yes, I said DAILY) while wearing it.

It’s a warm, damp area and we don’t want any bacteria setting up camp.

Use warm water and soap (anti-bacterial if you want) to wash everywhere – in all nooks and crannies. This might be tricky for the men that are uncircumcised, but you just have to learn your toy and find a way.

HELPFUL TIP: Some people recommend using cotton swabs (Q-tips) to get into hard-to-reach parts or through the shaft. Don’t forget the surrounding crotch area.

After washing, you have to dry things completely! No exceptions. Try a fan or a hairdryer on cool setting. When that’s done, you’re good to go.


Black cock cage with man air holesIf you’re going to be wearing your cage for more than a few days, you’ll have to have a special day where you take off your cage (supervised or unsupervised is up to your Dom) and have an extra squeaky-clean washing.

Also, use this time to inspect your body. Make sure there are no cuts, scrapes, irritations, etc.

Don’t forget to dry.

Avoid mildew, bacteria, and buildup on your sex toys…

Buzzy and Clean! Over 30 Essential Tips on How to Clean Sex Toys


Peeing won’t be a normal event if you’re wearing a cage. First, most men find it WAY easier (and cleaner) to sit down. Also, if you got a cage that doesn’t fit well, you might end up with waterworks that will decorate the bathroom stall.

Also, take an extra minute to dry things off with some toilet paper.


If it’s just for the day or weekend, you don’t need to worry about this as much. However, if you’re going to go for longer than that, make sure you buy a toy that is NOT completely closed.

Part of good hygiene and all-around safety is making sure the toy has some form of ventilation – a hole at the end of the toy or holes/gaps all around it.


In general, if you got a decently fitting cage, your nighttime erections shouldn’t bother you (save a slight amount of discomfort). If you wake up with significant discomfort or pain, take the cage off immediately, inspect yourself, and don’t wear it again.


Stay on top of your pubic hair growth. Keep things trimmed short in order to avoid any pinching or pulling.


Well, we already covered the reasons people wear them near the beginning of the article, however, there are also many games you can play.

Take a deep breath.

Now, let it out.

You’re done! Congratulations on sticking through all this information to the very end.

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