1. I’m thinking of buying such-and-such a device. When should I give my wife the keys?

We don’t know. Please get into your head that this is all just a game. We know there’s an absolute thrill in giving the keys to her (and there’s a similar thrill in receiving them, too), but it’s not like hacking off a limb or poking out an eyeball.

You can ask for the keys back if it’s not working for you or you have to get out for some reason – accident, emergency, pain, or whatever.

In any case, unless you’ve been foolish and gone into this without thinking it through, you’ll have established some ground rules, and one of them will undoubtedly include some “safe word,” and you need to get used to the device, too. All this takes time and patience.

2. Do you offer a chastity key holding service?


3. Do you offer online training?


4. Can we chat on IM, MSN, Skype or something?


5. So my husband likes to be humiliated then, but I’m not into it?

No, that’s not what we said. Watching you with another man would be erotic for your husband, but that’s not humiliating.

But since we get a say in this, too, it’s not going to happen.

6. Would you like to share strategies, tips, techniques, and experiences with me?

No. Anything we’re prepared to share, we share on the blog or in the various Guides we’ve written and currently writing, and in the Newsletter (In fact, in the Newsletter we frequently give very detailed and explicit accounts of tease and denial sessions and so on. Join the Newsletter if this kind of thing interests you)

We don’t ever get into discussing these things by one‐to‐one correspondence.

Apart from anything else, we don’t know who you are, and people seem to be getting creepier by the day. Really — we get emails all the time from men pretending to be women, asking us for tips on how to tease their men.

7. What kind of punishment/reward system do you use?

We don’t. We don’t practice male submission/female domination.

We don’t use sex or orgasms as currency. We find that tends to cause more problems than it solves in a relationship.

If it works for you, then fine.