Ladies, you do not have a penis, so chances are, you would not know how it feels like to be locked up. But if you and your partner have decided to get into the lifestyle, then it is best to educate yourself for the best experience!

It has always been the goal of Mark Summers, the owner of ISEmbarks, to spread the word about chastity relationships. ISEmbarks believes that chastity play is one of the most effective ways to get couples closer together. A caged man means more time and energy to spend with his wife. The only thing is, it requires a lot of communication, and women play an important role in a chastity relationship for it to be successful.

There are tons of online resources that anyone can use to be familiar with chastity devices, but what makes us different is that we consist of men who have been living in cages for years! We know exactly what to do, how to prepare, what the ladies must know, and how to enjoy it together.

What’s next? Have a sit down with your man, read through our blog, and embark on a roller coaster of pleasure only a chastity lifestyle can give!