Shera Clark | Embark 2015

Shera Clark


Shera Clark

Manager, Nonprofit Sector

Shera currently serves as the Center for Creative Leadership’s Manager, Nonprofit Sector based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Shera works extensively in developing the Center’s Nonprofit Sector. She is a certified CCL Executive Coach and Action Learning Coach. In addition she has several years of group facilitation experience in leadership development initiatives, including Maximizing Your Leadership Potential, Leadership Development Program, the African-American Leadership Program, and a variety of CCL custom programs.

For over twenty years, Shera has worked in the area of leadership education. Her experience includes business development, account management, and the design and delivery of customized leadership development interventions for corporate, education, and nonprofit sectors. She has managed several multi-year and multi-session Leadership Development Initiatives involving hundreds of participants. She has also served as the Co-Deputy Director for a National Leadership Program. She brings that experience to bear in support of the Center’s client relationship management process. As part of the Center’s strategy for strengthening client relationships, Shera is an integral part of representing the full scope of the Center’s capabilities.