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Nelson Colon

Nelson Colon


Nelson I. Colon, President of Puerto Rico Community Foundation

Dr. Nelson I. Colon is the President and CEO of the Puerto Rico Community Foundation. He has been at the Foundation since 1988. Under his leadership, the Foundation has initiated the following programs: the Middle Schools Renewal Initiative; the Community Housing Development Organizations Program; the Institute for the Development of Philanthropy, the Economic Development Consortium, and Educational Transformation 2014. Dr. Colon has served as an international consultant on five different continents. He is the leader and spokesperson of the Multi-sector Movement for a World Class Education in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Colon’s past accomplishments include: leading the first international meeting of community foundations in Bellagio, Italy, in 1995 and first International Philanthropy Conference in 1997 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He directed and founded the Justice and Peace Caribbean Project and directed the Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation in Boston. His writings have been published in international magazines at Harvard’s “La Revista” University and local newspapers.

Dr. Colon is the Chairman of the Board of Hispanics in Philanthropy. He serves on the following board of directors: the Northeast and Island Regional Education Laboratory; CF Leads and the Foundation for a Better Country. He is also member of the following award selection panels: Tina Hills Award, Citi Award to Microenterprise (PREMIC) and Solidarity Award. Recently, the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico designated Dr. Colón as member of the Advisor Committee for the Access to Justice.

He has received numerous recognitions, including the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in the category of social responsibility, the “Distinguished Faculty” recognition at the 2002 University for a Night seminar at the United Nations, and the Archibald Hopkins Medal. He is a “Senior Fellow” of the Synergos Institute in New York. In 2014, Dr. Colon was awarded the Martin Luther King Award, from the organization COSSMA for his commitment to supporting our communities.

Dr. Colon is an anthropologist and educator. He has an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the State University of New York and a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University.


October 29, 2015
Understanding the Crisis in Puerto Rico

08:30  -  10:00