Liz Deering | Embark 2015

Liz Deering

Liz Deering

Chief Operating Officer

Liz Deering is a social entrepreneur, strategic thinker and life-long technology enthusiast and innovator, whose experiences with both category-disrupting startups and traditional nonprofit organizations provided the skills and fueled her passion to help launch 121Giving (pronounced One-to-One Giving) – a first-of-its-kind digital marketplace that harnesses the collective buying power of hundreds of thousands of U.S. charities, matching their needs with corporate discounts and new crowdfunding capabilities.

In 2011, when Deering took the reins as marketing director of Goodwill Industries in Austin, she quickly saw the technology platforms and business processes that had fueled earlier successes at startups in which she was involved, including Picasa, InnoCentive and EnPocket, were lacking in the nonprofit sector. “I wanted to build something that would help charities become more efficient commercially and make an even bigger impact with the support of corporations and technology.”

The online giving platform that she’s built with co-founder Mark Courtney provides corporations with a sustainable, long-term philanthropic solution that enhances the value and impact of their social responsibility efforts. Backed by nearly $1 million in seed funding to date, 121Giving, which launched in spring 2015, is “bettering the business of giving.”


October 28, 2015
Embark Stream (Wednesday, 10/28)

08:55  -  15:45
Creating Donor Trust by Making Crowdfunding Tangible

16:00  -  17:00