Jason Ricci | Embark 2015

Jason Ricci

Jason Ricci


Jason Ricci has made it his personal mission to innovate grants management, helping the Energy Foundation and others grant funds and operate more efficiently and collaboratively. Jason built Fluxx from the ground up and continues to lead the vision for product and solution development. Jason has successfully driven other projects in the public sector, including GrantsFire, the searchable grants database that is compiled in real time using information published by grantmakers. He has led design and development for numerous online projects at startups, established companies, and nonprofits, including: The Energy Foundation, The Packard Foundation, The Case Foundation, The 100 People Foundation, Microsoft, Washington Mutual, Chase Manhattan, Chipin.com, Compaq, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Sprout, and Sony. Jason earned his B.A. in Art and Design from North Carolina State University.


October 29, 2015
Measuring Impact – Beyond the Numbers

10:30  -  11:30