Elizabeth Disco-Shearer | Embark 2015

Elizabeth Disco-Shearer

Elizabeth is the COO of the Society of St Vincent de Paul’s Disaster Services Division in Washington DC and has over 25 years of experience in leadership, governance and regulatory compliance. She is a former college administrator, Catholic Charities administrator, government contractor, and partner in a non-profit consulting firm. Currently she serves on the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s, National Disaster Committee, and the NVOAD Drought Task Force. Elizabeth was also elected as the Chair of the NVOAD Disaster Case Management Committee.

She has spoken at numerous conferences over the last decade on disaster recovery programs and during Hurricane Katrina she helped to coordinate St. Vincent de Paul’s activities in 17 cities. She also served as president of the Texas VOAD and experienced 19 disasters during her tenure including Hurricane Ike, the Texas Wildfires and the West, TX Explosion. During the past 2 years she has overseen the activities of a number of federal, state and National VOAD partner grants in the area of Disaster Case Management for various disasters across the United States.


October 28, 2015
Embark Stream (Wednesday, 10/28)

08:55  -  15:45
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