Diedra Barber | Embark 2015

Diedra Barber

Diedra Barber

Chief Business Development Officer

Choosing to engage in the dynamic, necessary and yet scary work of examining how power is wielded in decision-making was an easy decision after completing my MBA at Mills College in Oakland, Calif. where I discovered an interest in the field of socially responsible business and expanded my interest in non-profit management.

We live in ever changing, fast-paced and difficult times. Opportunities to innovate and create positive change abound if only we know where to look and who to look to. Over the past 14 years I discovered that the incorporation of compassion, authenticity, transparency and high expectations in the management of people allows for goals and outcomes to not only be reached, but surpassed and executed with more efficiency, innovation and a deeper, more positive impact for clients/partners and the team as a whole.

I have multiple degrees in multiple subjects. I have expertise and experience. I have privilege and purpose. What’s most important however is why I do this work. I do this work because it speaks to me, because I’ve been given the opportunity to do it, because I’m really very good at it and because I choose to. I do this work because one day I believe the world will be a better place from all the work social impact professionals put in day after day and it will be satisfying to know I had a small hand in making that real.