Andrew Harrison | Embark 2015

Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison

Innovation Ambassador

Andrew Harrison is the Innovation Ambassador of Idea Connection Systems and HumanGrid. He has a unique background as social innovator, author and researcher of human motivation. Andrew’s debut book entitled, Love Your 84,000 Hours at Work: Stories on the Road from People with Purpose and Passion, chronicles the inspiring journeys of people who love what they do. He is also the writer of Bob Rosenfeld and Gary Wilhelmi’s book, The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide to the Human Dynamics of Innovation. Andrew has delivered or designed programs for numerous clients including Rolls Royce, ExxonMobil, Hallmark Cards, NASA, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), and Industrial Research Institute (IRI). Andrew was also an instrumental part of the team who developed the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™) and was on the delivery group for the first ever ISPI™ workshop, in 2008. His work has been featured in media outlets across the United States.


October 28, 2015
Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator Workshop

11:00  -  12:30