Ahmen | Embark 2015



Hip Hop Artist

As a nonprofit leader by day and hip-hop MC by night, Ahmen is the Batman of the social impact world. His groundbreaking brand of hip-hop has led to a rapidly growing fan base and speaking engagements across the country. His music bores into the core of the world as he sees it; his insights are from a likeable place, people want to hear them, and he simplifies it all to a beat. He helps people to be alright, they’re not alone when he’s there; his music is no different. He reflects himself and his music in everyday people and all of their wild and sober phases. There isn’t much else like him.

Ahmen’s insistence on shaking up the status quo has generated results-proven innovation for tens of thousands of people. He’s worked with organizations ranging from Morgan Stanley and Procter & Gamble to the United Way and Teach For America. Ahmen’s unique understanding of the potential that lies in youth and adults alike positions him to be the torchbearer for the “I Am A #Troublemaker” movement.


October 28, 2015
Embark Stream (Wednesday, 10/28)

08:55  -  15:45
Achieving Social Justice Through Strategic Communications

11:00  -  12:30