Thread by Thread: Creating a Better World Together


October 27, 2015

Thread by Thread: Creating a Better World Together

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

We live in a dynamic world that moves at lightning speed. If the social good space is to thrive in coming years, we must work together to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. In 2015, Independent Sector launched an extensive series of community conversation called “Threads” to explore our collective ability to solve the world’s greatest problems in coming years. We not only examined trends shaping our work, but we discussed what’s holding us back and what’s working. In this session, we’re excited to share that journey with you. Buckle up as we travel coast to coast to hear from a diverse chorus of people from this amazingly talented community of ours. Their stories and our work together during this plenary will re-ignite the passion in your heart and the fire in your gut for making this crazy spinning world a more just, verdant place for all.

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