Place-Based Grantmaking in Action in Florida


October 28, 2015

Place-Based Grantmaking in Action in Florida

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

“Place-based grantmaking” has become a popular term in philanthropic circles over the last several years. It illustrates a shift in strategy from a traditional issue- or problem-based philanthropic approach to one focused on improving targeted neighborhoods or communities. Instead of a more traditional grantmaking model where funders seek requests for funding proposals from the community related to the funders’ focus areas, place-based grantmaking starts with a focus on a community and then lets the funding priorities surface from the community. In this FPN program we’ll hear from three Florida philanthropy leaders whose organizations are in different stages of implementing a new place-based grantmaking program. They’ll each describe how and why they developed a place-based grantmaking strategy, what they hope to accomplish and what they’ve learned so far from their efforts.

Presented by Florida Philanthropic Network

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Session Category :  Breakout  Embark