Innovation vs. Opportunities


October 28, 2015

Innovation vs. Opportunities

10:35 AM – 10:55 AM

Why do so many associations believe they are either incapable of or “not-allowed” to be innovative? Whether we feel that we’re constricted by the bylaws, have a board that’s just too conservative, or we just don’t have the time or budget to innovate, it really comes down to one simple thing that’s holding us back. Fear. But playing it safe may not be the best way to serve your members. While there is risk to innovation, there is also significant possibility for growth and success. In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why prioritizing present opportunities over innovation stifles growth
  • What Executive Directors, CEOs, and board members can do to foster creativity
  • How willingness to take risks directly and positively impacts your members
  • Presented by Aptify

    Speaker: : Tim Heine, Engagement Manager, Aptify


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